Friday, October 24, 2014

Mambo ya Skylight Band jijini Dar

Hashimu Donode akiimba kwa hisia kalii kabisaaa ndani ya Thai Village ili kuwapa burudani mashabiki wake.

Kama kawaida yetu kila ifikapo Ijumaa Bendi yako kali na matata hapa nchini Skylight Band tunakuwepo ndani ya kiota cha maraha Thai Village Masaki, Njoo wewe,yule na wote kuanzia mida ya saa tatu kamili mpaka mida yetu ileeeeeeeee, upate muziki mzuriiii kwenye masikio yako kwa masong makali na mapya toka kwa Timu nzima ya Skylight Band. Sogea sogea pale kati.

Digna Mbepera akiimba kwa ustadi mkubwa kabisa kutoa Burudani kwa mashabiki wake.

Kifaaa kipya machachari na moto mtoto mzuriiiiii Bela Kombo akizipiga zile vocal kaliiiii ndani ya Thai Village

Aneth Kushaba AK47 Le Meneja Her Self akichunguliaaaaaa huku akizipiga zile vocal kaliiii ndani Thai village.

Majembe ya Skylight Band Hashim Donode wa kwanza kulia, Bela Kombo (katikati), Aneth Kushaba na Digna Mbepera(Wa kwanza kushoto) wakishirikiana kutoa Burudani kaliiii ndani ya Thai Village Masaki

Shabiki Huyu akashindwa kujizuia na kuamua kumpa Sapoti Aneth Kushaba baada ya kuguswa na zile vokaliii nzuriiii

Bana Ba Congo wakiongozwa na Sam Mapenzi(wa kwanza kulia) wakiyarudi mauno vilivyoooo kuwapa raha mashabiki wao.

Sony Masamba(Katikati) akizipia Vokali nzuriiii za Congo huku akipewa sapoti ya mauno nyorotiiii na Joniko Flower(wa kwanza kushoto) na Sam Mapenzi kulia

Rahaaa kweliiii kweliiii Bana Ba Congo wakiendelea kutoa Burudaniii safiiiii ndani ya Thai Village Ijumaa Iliyopita

Weweeeee hapana chezea kabisaaa mguu juu juuuu

Aneth Kushaba akiyarudi maunooo vilivyoooo akipewa Sapoti na Donode (katikati).

Safiii kabisa Majembe kazini Digna Mbepera (mwenye Top Nyeupe) akiwa na Donode (katikati) na Aneth Kushaba wa Kwanza kulia wakiendelea kutoa burudani kaliii ndani ya Thai Village Masaki Ijumaa iliyopita.

Aneth Kushaba(Wa kwanza kulia)akiimba kwa rahaaaa kabisa huku akipewa sapoti na Hashimu Donode

Joniko Flower akiwaimbisha mashabiki hawapo piachani ndani ya Kiota cha maraha Thai Village Ijumaa iliyopita

Mashabiki wakicheza mastailiii kibaoooo waliyokuwa wakielekezwa na Joniko Flower, Njooo na wewe leo ujifunze kucheza kikuku na nyingine kiba0.


Imma Bass akimpa baraka nyingiiiiii mpiga Bass Mwenzake Tophy huku wakiwa na furaha kubwaaa kabisa.Usikoseeee Leo ndani ya Thai Village itakuwa Balaaa ............

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Ny Ebra akiwa na mtoto wake anaeitwa Fauzia kwenye graduation yake iliyofanyika Baobab Secondary School Bagamoyo Tanzania. Fauzia amemaliza kidato cha nne katika shule hiyo na  Ny Ebra alikuwa mmoja kati ya wazazi wanaosomesha watoto wao kwenye shule hiyo, na ndiyo maana alifanya kila liwezekanalo kuweza kuudhuria siku hii muhim kwa mtoto wake kipenzi cha moyo wake kwani nijukumu lake kama mzazi anaetambua umuhim wa elimu kwa mtoto hasa wa kike. Hapa Fauzia akionyesha emotion baada ya kumuona baba yake kwani akutegemea kama angeweza kuudhuria siku hii muhim kwake.

Hapa Ny Ebra akimpa hug mtoto wake kwenye mahafali hayo yaliyofanyika kwenye viunga vya shule hiyo ya Baobab.

Hapa Ny Ebra akitaniana na mtoto wake wakati wa kulishana cake ni zaidi ya marafiki kuliko baba na mtoto kwa picha zaidi nenda soma zaidi.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vatican backtracks on gay comments

Pope Francis 
Under furious assault from conservative Catholics, the Vatican backtracked Tuesday on its surprisingly positive assessment of gays and same-sex relationships.

In a report Monday, the Vatican had said that gays and lesbians have "gifts to offer" the Christian community and acknowledged that same-sex couples can give "precious support" to one other.

The statement, an interim report from a closely watched meeting of Catholic clergy here, was widely praised by liberals. It is believed to be the first time the Vatican has said anything positive about gay relationships.

One longtime Vatican journalist called the statement a "pastoral earthquake."

But many conservatives complained that the statement watered down church teaching and did not accurately reflect their discussions here, where nearly 200 Catholic leaders are meeting to debate pastoral approaches to modern family life.

One South African cardinal called Monday's statement, which also included positive language about unmarried couples who cohabitate, "irredeemable."

"The message has gone out that this is what the synod is saying, this is what the Catholic Church is saying," said Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, referring to the special meeting of Catholic clergy gathered here through Saturday.

Gay couple
"It's not what we're saying at all."

In response to such reactions, the Vatican backtracked a bit Tuesday. In a statement, it said the report on gays and lesbians was a "working document," not the final word from Rome.

The Vatican also said that it wanted to welcome gays and lesbians in the church, but not create "the impression of a positive evaluation" of same-sex relationships, or, for that matter, of unmarried couples who live together.

But gay rights groups say that's precisely the impression the Vatican gave Monday when it said:

"Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community. Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a fraternal space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a church that offers them a welcoming home. Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?"

Such statements seem to be in line with the more merciful approach the church has taken toward gays and lesbians under Pope Francis. In 2013, Francis famously said, "Who am I to judge?" gay people.

On Monday morning, just before the Vatican released its positive report on gays, Francis preached that laws that do not lead people to Jesus are "dead;" what's more, Christ did "strange things" such as hanging out with sinners and tax collectors, the Pope preached, seemingly tipping his hand about the Vatican's direction.

The overarching goal of the meeting here, officially called the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, is to present proposals for a larger gathering to be held in October 2015.

Which means there's a long road ahead before any doctrinal or pastoral changes happen in the church.

In the meantime, conservative and liberal bishops have been fiercely jousting in the court of public opinion. Monday's report only increased the war of words.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American and head of the Vatican's supreme court, said the report "lacks a solid foundation in the sacred Scriptures." Other conservatives called it a "betrayal."

Liberal Catholics and gay activists, on the other hand, heralded Monday's statement and said that some conservative pushback was probably inevitable, given how hostile some corners of the church are to change.

Prof Ali Mazrui to be buried at 900-year-old family graveyard

The Late Prof.ALi Mazrui
The late Prof Ali Mazrui left behind a will in which he stated his wish to be buried at the family’s graveyard in Mombasa’s Old Town, next to the graves of his parents and his grandfather.

The Mazrui graveyard is classified as a heritage site by the National Museums of Kenya, according to a signpost erected at its entrance and written in both English and French.

The signpost says the graveyard has been in existence for 900 years.

It claims the Mazruis were a powerful family that ruled parts of the coastal region in the 18th century.

On Monday, the late scholar's nephew Munir Mazrui, together with former Chief Kadhi Hammad Kassim, who is a close relative, disclosed that Prof Mazrui had turned down several offers by the United States government to denounce his Kenyan citizenship and become an American

“Prof Mazrui had a very strong patriotic heart. He was approached numerous times by the USA to take up that country’s citizenship, but he turned all of them down, saying he was born a Kenyan and will die a Kenyan,” Mr Munir Mazrui told a media briefing at the family’s home in Old Town, Mombasa.

“He told me it (the pressure) had become too much but assured me that he would never do that. He said from wherever he would die, he wished to be buried next to his father, Sheikh Al-Amin bin Mazrui, his grandfather, Sheikh Ali bin Abdallah Mazrui, and (his) mother,” the elderly Munir Mazrui said.

The family has neither set the burial date nor determined the day Prof Mazrui's body would be brought back to Kenya from the United States.

Former Chief Kadhi Kassim, chairman of the burial committee, said the arrangements to bring the body home had been complicated by the fact that Monday was Columbus Day, a public holiday in the United States.

Mr Kassim said the body was likely to arrive on Saturday or Sunday.

“The holiday in the US affected our arrangements to bring the body home. But we expect that by Wednesday, we shall have known the exact day, which could be Saturday or Sunday,” he said.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Green Waste Pro. yakabidhi msaada Bunge Primary School


Mwalimu Mkuu wa shule ya msingi Bunge Bi. Khadija Telela, akizungumza na Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena aliyeambata na Afisa Rasilimali watu wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Naima Mpili (kulia) waliofika shuleni hapo kukabidhi rasmi makasha ya kuhifadhia taka.

Na Mwandishi wetu

KAMPUNI ya Usafi ya Green Waste Pro imetimiza ahadi yake ya kuipatia shule ya Msingi Bunge makasha ya kuhifadhia taka na vifaa vya usafi wa mazingira iliyoitoa mwaka jana.

Mwaka jana wakati wanafanya shughuli ya kupaka rangi shule hiyo,kampuni hiyo ilifurahishwa na mazingira ya shule jinsi yanavyotunzwa kiasi cha kufanya maamuzi ya kuwapelekea vifaa vya mazingira na hasa makasha ya kuhifadhia taka.

Kwa mujibu wa Afisa uendeshaji wa kampuni hiyo Abdallah Mbena,ambaye ndiye aliyekabidhi makasha hayo,maamuzi ya kuwapatia makasha yametokana na jinsi klabu ya mazingira ya shule hiyo na mwalimu wao anavyochakarika katika kuhakikisha usafi wa mazingira katika shule hiyo.

Mbena alisema kwamba wamefarijika sana na juhudi zinazofanywa na mwalimu na wanafunzi wake katika kuhakikisha kwamba wanatunza mazingira.


Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena, akielezea nia ya kampuni yake kuendelea kusaidia shughuli mbalimbali za mazingira katika shule hiyo kwa Mwalimu Mkuu wa shule ya msingi Bunge Bi. Khadija Telela (kushoto).

Pamoja na sababu za wanafunzi hao na mwalimu wao katika kutoa kipaumbele mazingira, kuwa chanzo cha kutolewa kwa makasha hayo, sababu nyingine iliyozingatiwa ni kuwa shule hiyo ipo katika kata ya Kivukoni ambapo kampuni hiyo inazabuni ya kufanya usafi.

Amesema wana mpango wa kuwapatia vifaa vya aina hiyo kwa shule nyingine zinazofanya vyema kwenye usafi wa mazingira ila kwa sasa wameanza na shule ya Bunge.

Mwalimu wa mazingira wa shule hiyo, Frida Madanganya ameshukuru kampuni hiyo kwa kuendelea kuwasaidia na anawategemea wataendelea zaidi kuhakikisha kwamba shule hiyo inakuwa namba moja kwa utunzaji wa mazingira.

Naye Mwalimu Mkuu Khadija Telela alisema shule yake ina changamoto kubwa hasa maji ya Dawasco kwani maji yao ni yachumvi kwa kisima walichochimba.

Alisema maji hayo yana chumvi lakini juhudi zinaendelea kupata maji ya Dawasco.

Aidha aliwataka wanafunzi waliosoma hapo kuikumbuka shule hiyo kwani wengi wana uwezo wa kuifanya iendelee kuwika.


Mwalimu wa klabu ya mazingira wa shule ya msingi Bunge, Mwalimu Frida Madanganya akiwatembeza kukagua mazingira ya maeneo mbalimbali ya shule hiyo Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena aliyeambatana na Afisa Rasilimali watu wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Naima Mpili kabla ya kukabidhi makasha hayo.


Mwalimu wa klabu ya mazingira wa shule ya msingi Bunge, Mwl. Frida Madanganya akimtambulisha Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena kwa wanachama wa klabu ya mazingira wa shule hiyo wakati wa hafla ya kukabidhi makasha ya kuhifadhia taka.


Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena akizungumza na wanafunzi wa klabu ya mazingira shule ya msingi Bunge na kuwahamasisha kuendelea kutunza mazingira yao na hata majumbani pia ili wawe mabalozi wazuri wa mazingira.


Kaka Mkuu wa shule ya msingi Bunge na mwenyekiti wa klabu ya mazingira shuleni hapo Joseph Zakayo (kulia) akitoa shukrani kwa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd kwa kutoa msaada huo wa makasha matatu ya kuhifadhia taka. Kushoto ni Mwalimu wa klabu ya mazingira wa shule ya msingi Bunge, Mwl. Frida Madanganya akifuatiwa na Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena aliyeambatana na Afisa Rasilimali watu wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Naima Mpili.


Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya usafi ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena akikabidhi rasmi moja kati ya makasha matatu ya kuhifadhia taka yaliyotolewa na kampuni hiyo kwa Mwalimu wa klabu ya mazingira wa shule ya msingi Bunge, Mwl. Frida Madanganya. Kulia ni Afisa Rasilimali watu wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Naima Mpili.


Baadhi ya michoro iliyopo kwenye majengo ya shule ya msingi Bunge yanayohamasisha utunzaji wa mazingira kwa wanafunzi wa shule hiyo.


Wanafunzi wa klabu ya mazingira shule ya msingi Bunge wakiagana na Meneja wa uendeshaji wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Abdallah Mbena aliyeambatana na Afisa Rasilimali watu wa kampuni ya Green Waste Pro Ltd, Naima Mpili.